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love post

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Jun. 4th, 2008 | 11:07 pm

My step dad is asleep on the love seat. My mom's in the hospital, so I'd like to think he just couldn't bear to sleep alone in their bed and so chose instead to passively drift asleep with the tv flickering. For all of their bickering, the scares and the tension all driving back to not having enough money, or my sister, or my brother, they've managed to stay together. And even though it's my mom's fourth marriage, i can tell that it's real. As I contemplate marriage, the political act, the planning, the location, the prerequisite wildfire I will have to start at my family tree, I compare what we have to what my mom and jeff have and i think it could be something like that. I wouldn't mind that.

My girlfriend is wedding crazy, like the kind of girl who watches Sex in the City and carries three flavors of Bonnie Bell chapstick in her vinyl/denim purse. For one brief moment, she proposed the idea of "eloping" when I get to SF in August (snag the legal status while we still can), but I know she's not going to give up the big, sparkling, five figure wedding of her dreams, and I don't want her too either. I daydream mostly about after the wedding, a weekend in Greece or a road trip through South America or a lavish epicurean experience through western Europe. But i guess we'll make room for both agendas.

maybe i'll start writing again. i think about it sometimes, but i end up getting distracted.

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(no subject)

from: erisedilla
date: Jun. 5th, 2008 01:42 pm (UTC)

are you in kzoo? we should totally meet up if you are... swap abroad stories =)

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